Sunday, November 3, 2013


 It's been over a month since my last update and there's much happening in the garden.

The spaghetti squash plant has only produced one squash and the plant started showing signs of powdery mildew so I had to cut it back.  Also, it was taking over the whole bed, shading out the cauliflower.  No signs of cauliflower yet but I am hopeful.

The green beans in this bed are slow to produce but are starting to flower.  I've had to spray numerous times to control the bean beetle which helps but the grasshoppers are not bothered by
 anything I've tried so far...  I think they do more damage then the beetle!  As long as the fruit is not affected, I can deal with chewed up plants.

The rabbit is back this year, although I haven't seen him with my own eyes, the damage is evident.  Luckily, the chicken wire fence around the raised beds seems to be working to keep him at bay but my potted plants have been providing him much nourishment!  :)
 You can see how the rabbit helped himself to this cauliflower plant, what a feast this must have been for him.
I pulled up a few radishes and left them out where I believe his entrance is to his home hoping he will feast on them and leave the potted plants alone.
The broccoli plants are looking good and I see sprouts starting to show on most of them.  Controlling the worms has been a challenge and I'm baffled by why I have such a problem this time around.  My first broccoli crop earlier this year had no bug problems at all, so why they are here now?  Would love an answer to this if anyone knows......
I pulled up the purple basil plant and am letting the basil go to flower.  The radishes are gone also, fun and easy to grow, I just don't eat them so my new rule is "don't grow anything I don't eat"!
 Romaine lettuce is coming up along with a few carrots here and there throughout the beds.  I've planted spinach seeds a few times but nothing.  I'm thinking it may have been too warm for the seeds to germinate.

Peppers are abundant and I believe will keep producing until our first frost which will probably be later this month, according to the Farmer's Almanac... :)
I've harvested quite a few habaneros and made some killer hot sauce.  The cowhorns are the hottest I've ever grown, almost too hot for me to eat.  Red Cherry peppers are slow to ripen but I
plan to harvest and preserve with some vinegar and spice.

I planted pansies in the hanging baskets around the deck, they are such a deep purple color, just love them.  They are frost hardy, so they will bloom all winter.

Happy Gardening!!


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