Tuesday, October 22, 2013


My Dahlia finally bloomed and it is quite beautiful!  I also noticed a few more blooms on the plant so hopefully we will have a few more.

I've never really grown flowering bulbs before so this was very exciting for me.

The carrots I planted in a pot finally started to sprout, unfortunately, there is a rabbit or some other creature living under our deck and when I came out to water the other day, all the tops of the plants were gone!!  I'm gonna get that critter!!!

There are lettuce sprouts coming up but I'm not sure which variety they are as I've planted a few different kinds in different locations at various times as the seeds were not germinating due to warm weather.
The habenaero plants are FULL of peppers.  I harvested a bunch last weekend and made some killer hot sauce.  I'm going to research different ways to preserve these as there are so many of them, I'd hate for them to go to waste.

I had my first harvest of green beans, the Blue Lake variety, they were quite good.  Unfortunately, the bean beetle is destroying the plants themselves.  I have sprayed and dusted but nothing seems to affect these bugs.
The broccoli is coming along nicely, not too much leaf damage and I've been staying on top of bug control which seems to be keeping them at bay, for now at least.
Cowhorn pepper plant is producing like crazy.  Who'd of thought one plant would put out so many peppers......
The spaghetti squash is still taking over the cauliflower bed with lots of blooms and lots of fruit starting to show.  I read where once you see fruit to pinch off any further blooms to give the existing fruit more energy to grow.

The green beans on the two tier raised bed are growing however, no blooms or signs of producing yet.
You can see the squash taking over the two tiered bed covering most of the cauliflower.

Both basil plants are thriving and I'm thinking about letting them go to flower.
Radishes are ready to harvest and are some of the biggest I've ever grown.
There are more carrots in these beds also, hopefully the fencing will keep the critter away.
I also have romaine lettuce coming up in this bed.  Had good luck with it last year and I'm looking forward to some good salads again.

Kentucky Wonder green beans I planted in a pot are coming up and producing.  I harvested a nice handful the other day.  This plant is the least effected with beetle damage.
We rescued this Staghorn fern a few years ago from an abandoned house.  It was almost dead but I've nursed it back to health and it's growing new leaves.  The secret is banana peals.........

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