Saturday, September 7, 2013


 I am giving up on corn already this season due to borers invading every single stalk.  I pulled them up this morning and planted cauliflower in their place. I've never had any luck with cauliflower in the past but I couldn't resist buying a pallet while at the store this morning.  I will do extensive research in growing these and keep my fingers crossed that they succeed.
 You can see the borer damage here in this photo, really disgusting stuff left behind by the borers.  I believe I also had caterpillars munching away on the leaves also.

here is a better photo of the damage.  I would have left them in if I thought they had a chance of surviving but it didn't look like it.

 My gardenia bush is blooming nicely this year.  So pretty and you can smell them through out the back yard.

 I planted two full squares of radishes but only a handful sprouted.  Planted more seeds through out the raised bed today.
 Carrots are slow to come up but are finally showing signs of life.  I hope I have as much luck this fall as I did in the spring.  There's nothing more satisfying then harvesting a bunch of carrots from your home garden!!
 This picture of my pole beans shows extensive damage from beetles.  I haven't seen them physically but the damage is clearly a sign they are living there.
I sprayed Sevin insecticide this morning, making sure to get the back side of all the leaves and also the ground below the plants.  I hope this takes care of the problem.
These are carrots I planted in a very large pot.  I've seen many other gardeners have great luck so I'm hoping I do also.

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