Saturday, May 25, 2013

Square Foot Garden update

I haven't posted since the raised garden beds have been completed and I decided to try Square Foot Gardening.  So far I have to say, it's been my best ever gardening experience in all my years of home gardening!  The concept of  Square Foot Gardening is "grow more in less space", and "space" is something I just don't have here so this concept was a perfect solution to my space problem.

I've already grown and harvested broccoli and radishes and FYI, radishes are FUN to grow!  I had 8 broccoli plants which produced enough for about 3 meals, not as much as I would have liked,  buy hey, I've never been lucky growing it in the past, so I'll take it!   We had a late frost and the eggplant was stunted but has recovered and is now producing.  I tried Snow Snap Peas for the first time, after reading how easy and prolific they were, I am disappointed as I believe they have powdery mildew and have basically stopped growing and need to be removed.  The Green Onions are coming along nicely as well as the carrots, which I am amazed that I am even growing CARROTS!!  I am also growing romaine and mesclun lettuce, there's nothing better then fresh salad with dinner, right out of your garden!  I had no idea how easy lettuce was to grow and will be growing much more of it next year.  Green beans of course, are the EASIEST veggie to grow, I have a total of 16 plants in 2 squares and believe we'll be eating them thru the end of the summer.

Other first time veggies I'm trying this year are cucumbers, cantaloupe and watermelon..... not too worried about the cukes but wish me luck with the melons!

Happy Gardening.... enjoy the new video and pictures I posted today....

Mary - The Ambitious Gardner  :)

Raised Beds complete with gate and chicken wire fence


Broccoli and Eggplant

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Carrots coming up

More plants

New Raised Bed for melons




Red Onions

Hot Pepper Pots

Salad with Nastursims


hot peppers

nice squash


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