Friday, May 31, 2013

Basket of Carrots

Watermelon, Cantaloupe and Squash
 I harvested most of the carrots today, there are still a few small ones growing so I will have another harvest in a few weeks or so.  I had no idea how easy it was to grow carrots, you have to be patient though because they take a while to grow.

I added some Mel's mix to where I took out the carrots and planted a few Roma Tomato plants and Habanero Pepper plants too.  You can't grow too many tomatoes or peppers!!  I've never grown Habaneros , hopefully they're as easy as the banana variety.  I put in the Roma's because my goal is to have enough to make some good sauce, maybe even do a little canning.  Is that ambitious enough???  Yup, I think so.

I harvested my first ever cucumbers today also, very exciting as I've heard many horror stories from other gardners about problems with worms, etc....  so far so good here.

The eggplant are finally producing and I have my first Japanese variety to try on the grille this weekend.  The Black Beauty's seem to be holding their flowers and I am anxiously awaiting some fruit to appear.

Baby Watermelon
Lots of blooms on Watermelon plant
 To the left is a picture of a watermelon!!!!  I am so hoping these do well as this is yet another first for me.  How cool will it be to pick fresh watermelon and cantaloupe from my garden to enjoy and share!!!  These plants have my full attention and I will do everything in my power to keep them healthy and happy.

Happy Gardening!!!

Cucumbers, Japanese Eggplant and some Romaine lettuce

Pot of Carrots

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