Friday, February 22, 2013

Raised Vegetable Garden

After more than three years of unsuccessful vegetable gardening, either caused by the poor soil here or that pesky rabbit, I have finally decided to invest hard earned money, blood, sweat and tears into building raised garden beds.  I started my research about a month ago and feel educated enough to actually pull this off.

I started purchasing needed supplies a few weeks ago and built two 8 x 4 foot boxes about 7" high.    I cleaned out the spot were the boxes will be placed and dug out a 6" trench around the perimeter for the rabbit proof fence.   Planning the fencing alone was exhausting!  I didn't want to spend a fortune but I definitely wanted something that would keep out that freaking rabbit.   I finally decided on Chicken Wire with metal posts.  The most inexpensive choice.   If buried deep enough, it should work... fingers crossed!

The soil was another issue that took many hours of research and found it to be more economical to have a few yards of quality gardening soil delivered.  To heck with hauling 50 plus bags of assorted top soil, compost, etc. to the back yard then have to manually mix it up!!  Forget that!!  Two plus yards of fine looking garden soil was just delivered today!!  I'm so excited....

Since the boxes butt up against both the shed and our back fence, I had to install three sides of the chicken wire fencing today.  It took me a few hours but it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  It's pretty taught and straight, not as pretty as the other options I was considering, but oh well.  I can always add decorative, pretty stuff later on.

Of course it had to start raining today, luckily I was pretty much finished with the fence but really wanted to get the boxes in place...... maybe tomorrow..... too bad the weatherman says RAIN!

I'm going to start taking progress photos too and will post soon....

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