Sunday, March 29, 2015


Green Onions
 Lots going on in the garden this weekend!  I transplanted the herbs and moved the sunflowers away from the potatoes.  I also planted more seeds; Purple Carrots, Sunflowers in pots, Squash and Zucchini in large pots and planted some purple tomato seeds.  It's funny, I thought I was pretty much done last weekend! :)  As it turns out, I'm always adding more, whether it's a new raised bed, pots or anything that
 gives me an excuse for being out in the yard or garden.  This by far, is my favorite time of year!  When I first started my garden, I used soaker hoses on timers but traded them in for hand watering because after a long day at work, the perfect way to decompress is spending time with my plants, hand watering.
Bush Beans and Raidishes
 Easter is next weekend, a day for counting our blessings, renewal and rebirth.  I hope you enjoy your day rejoicing and spending quality time with your families.

Happy Palm Sunday and Have a happy Weekend.

Mary - The Ambitious Gardner


Squash and Zuchini i pots

Raised Beds

Trellised Kentucky Pole Beans


Potatoes and Onions

Sunflower pots wild potato plants


Key Lime

Lots of Potatoes

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