Monday, August 26, 2013

READY FOR FALL PLANTING - All cleaned up and looking good 8/24/13

Well hello there folks.  Lots of clean up finally completed all through the raised beds and back yard.
I couldn't take the leaf hoppers on the tomatoes any longer so those plants are now gone along with those nasty bugs... Hope they don't come back next year!

I pulled all of the spent potted tomato plants also.   There was plenty of good soil from the pots and I amended it with peat, compost, garden soil and vermiculite and added to the raised beds.
I planted three types of lettuce, more carrots and transplanted cauliflower seedlings.  I'm also trying carrots in a pot and will be curious to see how they do.  It's my second planting of carrot seeds, the first sowing didn't sprout at all.  I may have planted the seeds too deep - 1/4" deep is barely in the soil.    I also sowed more corn seeds as a lot of seeds never sprouted.  I heard a good tip this weekend about growing corn, plant squash with the corn, the leaves shade the roots of the corn and keep it cool.....   I bought a package of Winter Spaghetti Squash and will try that.....see how it does.

There are still plenty of Ichaban eggplant growing, so I left them in the raised bed, we may get a few more harvests out of those two plants.  The fruit is really sweet and delicious.

I still have to try the pesto recipe using the basil.  I have four really healthy basil plants but have yet to experiment...  going to do that in the very near future.

Check out the rest of the pictures below and my video update.  Happy Gardening.

Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans

Banana Peppers
Wild Flower


2nd Gladiola

Blue Lake Pole Beans

Kentucky Wonder

Ret Hot Cherry Peppers

Habaneros growing nicely now

Hot Hot Cow Horns

Parsley - finally getting much needed sun



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