Saturday, July 13, 2013


 When we returned from Orlando a few weeks ago, I found this.  my prized beautiful watermelons were split open.  There are a few reasons I believe this happened.  Too much rain and well, maybe they were ready to pick.  Unfortunately, I had to toss these as they were full of bugs but I did pick the last one on the vine that was still in one piece.  I wasn't going to take a chance of that one splitting.

I put it in the fridge and the next night we cut it open and WOW, it was the sweetest watermelon I had ever had.  The color was a deep pink, so pretty.

Live and learn here folks, bigger is not better!  Next year I will not wait for size on these beautys and will harvest when they are ready.

As for the rest of the garden, well not much to report as most of the tomatoes have either died or stopped producing.  Between the heat and all the water falling from the sky, it has drown the potted plants and brought all sorts of big insects now residing in the garden.

Still, it was my most successful gardening experience yet and I am already planning my fall crop.  Will start broccoli and cauliflower in august, maybe some peas and onions and lettuce too.

happy gardening!!


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