Saturday, July 27, 2013


I harvested a bunch of  Sun Sugar, Lemon Boy, and Roma tomatoes last night and made myself this delicious plate.  I added some mozzarella cheese, roasted red peppers and calamata olives along with some fresh picked basil and sprinkled just a little balsamic vinegar on top.  A nice glass of wine on the side and I was as right as rain!

I finally pulled out the dead melon vines and still need to remove the mulch and black plastic so I can dig out what ever roots may be left behind.

I decided to leave the big marigold "bush" also, but may need to transplant that somewhere else as it is taking up a lot of room.

Not sure what I'm going to  plant here yet, thinking about Corn or maybe beans.  I haven't had much luck with Corn in the past but am willing to give it another try.  This spot gets lots of sun and I think Corn would thrive here.....

 I need to pull most of the potted tomato plants as they are covered in blight and have stopped producing and just look really sad.  Nothing worse than seeing your plants just wilt away.

I plan to reuse the soil from the pots and will amend with some fresh compost and peat moss.  I think it should be fine.

The Gladiola has finally sprouted blooms and is going to be beautiful.... bright Red...  I just love Gladiolas!   I have only two that came up from the 10 bulbs I planted.  Not a big deal as I purchased the bulbs at a dollar store.

I also bought a box of mixed wild flower seeds and planted them in a few pots around the garden.  They sprouted pretty quickly and looked like weeds, but ended up blooming with what looks like a Black Eyed Susan.  Kind of pretty, don't you think?

I haven't seen any other flowers, but do see a few more buds getting ready to open.  Hopefully, they will be something different.

 I took out all of the Cucumber vines as they were seriously infected with some sort of fungus.  The black beauty eggplant plants are gone also, they did a big nothing this year.  The Japanese eggplant is still hanging in there though and I just picked a nice size fruit yesterday so they still have a home in the garden.

The bush beans I sowed are coming up and starting to flower, we may just have more green beans after all.  They have plenty of room now that the cucumbers are gone.

This space will probably stay open until later in the fall planting season.

I believe I have the bug problem on the Sun Sugars and Lemon Boys under control finally.  There are still a few here and there but nothing like the infestation a few weeks ago.  I think the  SEVEN definitely worked.  I purchased Pyrthins, 96% content, which is an organic product that should control the Leaf Hoppers, "fingers crossed", as I really don't want to keep using the SEVEN insecticide.

In the other raised bed, I removed all of the squash and zucchini.... it was time for them to go!

The sad melon vines I had growing on the trellis are also gone.  I planted more cucumbers along the trellis and they are starting to flower and looking healthy with the exception of some beetle damage.  It would be nice to harvest more cukes as I really enjoyed eating them this year.

The romas are coming along nicely and I'm hoping to have a large enough harvest to whip up another pot of sauce.  I also noticed the habanero's starting to put out some flowers.  I had almost given up on them completely.  Red Hot Cherry peppers are growing and I have a lot of fruit coming out.  Waiting patiently for them to turn red.

I'm starting to get excited about planting for the Fall Season and have my list going of what and when to plant........

Happy Gardening!!


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