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Melon Patch
We had lots of rain last week thanks to TS Andrea, which was much needed as it's been really hot and dry for about two weeks.  It was a nice break not having to go out to water everything and sweat after working all day!  I was also out of town over the weekend, anxious to get home not only to my husband but to see how much everything had grown in just 3 days!!  I have TWO watermelons so far and they are getting huge, very healthy too!
 The melon bed is overflowing so much that I had to lay down some black plastic for the vines to sprawl over.
I spotted a Cantaloupe  on the vine today also.  I'm sure there's more hiding in there somewhere, just can't see them yet as the vines are very dense.

                                                                   I harvested what I could  Friday, a few Squash, Zucchini and some Tomatoes.  I had missed a few zucchini, which had grown way too big over the weekend and when I went to pick them, they were very sticky and I noticed many pinholes on the fruit along with some very slimy stuff under the plants which turned out to be PICKLE WORMS!!  I'm not sure what brought them into my garden, maybe the rain?  Unfortunately, they are a difficult pest to get rid of.   I made a mixture of Cayenne pepper, garlic and dish soap in water and sprayed everything with it today.  I also did a bit if research and found that you must harvest the fruit early, before the worms start munching.
I also noticed what looks like Powdery Mildew on both the squash and zucchini plants and treated that with baking soda and water.  I will have to watch that carefully as it will kill the plant if not taken care of.

The last bit of bad news I have is the dreaded squash vine borer is most definitely living in the squash plant that resides in my melon bed.   I poured neem oil over the hole at the base of the plant and will have to wait and see what happens.  

Bonnie Grape Tomatoes

It's amazing to me the havoc that was wreaked in just 3 days of my being gone.  It really is important to spend time and keep a watchful eye on your garden!  Preventative maintenance is the key to keeping your plants heathy and happy!  


Sweet Banana Peppers

Japanese Eggplant


Powdery Mildew????

looks like Squash Vine Borer!! OH NO!

Diseased Cauliflower

Purple Tomato problems with Splitting

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