Sunday, June 23, 2013


 Busy day in the garden today!  I had a lot of clean up, harvesting, and replanting to do.  I harvested the rest of the carrots, some were small - baby carrots, still delicious! I took out the rest of the red onions and can't wait to use them.  They are very mild tasting, almost like a shallot.  I'm not sure when to harvest the green onions as some seem ready and some are still barely developed.  I will have to research that.

pulled out all Zucchini
 The Zucchini was not producing any longer and looked really bad.  I suspected the squash vine borer which was confirmed when I pulled them out and saw the damage - a big hole with gross droppings!   It always saddens me when a plant doesn't make it and I have to remove from the garden.   So I dug out a good bit of the soil where the Zucchini was and replaced with a fresh mixture.
green beans are gone also

Sun Sugar Tomatoes
 I replanted one Zucchini plant along with a few different varieties of hot peppers and cilantro and added some cucumbers along the trellis also.
cucumber vine has more room now

Ichaben Eggplant - see the white MOTH!!
 I decided to leave the two squash plants that have fruit.  I removed the cages to give them room to sprawl.
Squash is hanging in there

Cantaloupe - big as my hand

 The green beans were also a disappointment this year.  I think 9 plants to a square is too many and they were crowded.  I only got one good harvest out of them, so they are gone and now the cucumbers have more room to spread out.

Here's a photo of the Sun Sugar tomatoes.  First time growing these, very prolific so far, and taste really good.  I love the color of them too!

The rest of my tomatoes are not doing as well as I had hoped.  Between the horn worms, aphids and other issues not identified, they are looking sad and unhealthy, but I am still able to harvest tomatoes, I don't see signs of reproducing yet.   I started a treatment of BT on all the plants and will watch for signs of recovery and dead worms.

I took this picture of the Ichaben eggplant but didn't notice the WHITE MOTH until I uploaded the picture.  They lay eggs that hatch  into  caterpillars that will eat everything!

I have two squash plants left, they both have fruit and no signs of the vine borer at least that I can see.

To the left is a cantaloupe with my hand showing it's size.  They are slower growing than the watermelon but are looking good!

Watermelon 1 getting big

watermelon 2 bigger

This cantaloupe is misshapen

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