Saturday, June 15, 2013


 During my clean up today, I spotted the horn worm shown in the picture to the left!  There were actually two of them on my Purple Tomato plant!  These are the most disgusting insects I've ever seen, even worse than the Pickle worms!  The only way to kill these buggers is drowning them in soapy water and I did just that and got much pleasure watching them!!!

 I decided to hammock the watermelons as they are growing quite fast and I don't want to take a chance of them dropping off the vine.  Old pantyhose came in very handy for this!

 The Cantaloupes are a bit slower then the watermelons but are starting to really show some size.
 I'm trying Sugar Snap Peas again, this time in a pot with a Trellis, full sun, as the Zucchini plants shaded the last crop I had planted in the raised bed.  They are coming up nicely and I hoping on a good harvest because these are yummy!
 This is a Lemon Boy Tomato.  I can't wait for it to start turning yellow and to taste it.
 My Nastursiams are all pretty much spent, maybe too much heat?  They need to come out soon.

I posted a short video below today showing the Melon hammocks and that nasty Horn Worm.  Enjoy! and happy Gardening.


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