Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Last Eggplant
Well I harvested the last of the Eggplant.  Sad to see them go, they were so delicious and we had so many of them.

Most of the seeds planted are coming up; carrots, radishes, broccoli and a few brussel sprouts along with escarole, which is a first.  I'm also trying celery, although it may be a bit late, I'm going to see what happens.

White Onion sets are looking good and I also planted large yellow onions.
Carrots and Radishes
I grew impatient and harvested the sweet potatoes.  Not a bad harvest for my first time.  If I had left them in a few more weeks, chances are they would have grown a bit larger but I just couldn't wait to see what was there.  The bad news is that I had left them on the porch and low and behold, something ate all but the 3 large potatoes.  I'm sure the culprit is another RAT! 

I was totally heartbroken as I wanted to use them for Thanksgiving!  Live and learn!

The 4 x 4 sweet potato bed is cleaned out and ready for planting.  I haven't decided what's going in yet but will most likely plant potato tubers early next year.  It's hard seeing an empty bed and refraining from planting.  I've learned the hard way, that pre-planning for future crops is key to success!

Happy Gardening!

Sweet Potatoes!!

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