Saturday, September 6, 2014


Cow Horn Peppers/Eggplant
 What a wonderful summer season for gardening.  I can hardly wait to get seeds in the ground for the fall!

The most surprising of all were the eggplants.  I have tried over the years to grow these Delicious beauties with little to no luck.  This year, I bought a few plants late in the season to replace the last of the lettuce and onion plants that were spent, thinking, "if they grow, they grow".  Well they grew!!! The 4 or 5 plants took over both of the beds and left room for little else.  Not complaining because they put out more eggplant than I could have ever hoped for!  The were very
 healthy up until a few weeks ago.  Caterpillars were the culprits.  I sprayed with Safe Caterpillar killer and they held them at bay for a bit but I finally gave up and harvested the last of them last night.
The cowhorn peppers are still producing like crazy.  There was one plant that I did not harvest, waiting for them to turn red.  I've never done that before, you have to be patient, it takes time.  I harvested the whole plant, about 14 peppers, beautiful red.  Can't wait to try them.
Watermelon growing
 The tomatoes finally succumb to blight last week but I still had a nice harvest.  They kept producing all summer, very happy!   The horn worms were a problem but I was able to control them.

Today was clean up day in the garden.  The hardest thing to do is removing plants that may still have a chance of putting out more fruit.  When you need to make room for the next seasons planting, you have to do what you have to do.  I took out all but two eggplants and left the peppers and watermelon, at least for a few more weeks.
 Now is the time to Carrots, radishes, lettuce and spinach seeds.  By the time October rolls around, the rest of the summer plants will be done and time to plant more fall crops.
Sweet Potatoes
 The sweet potatoes are doing OK.  There are roots producing, small, but they're there.  Harvest will be the end of October beginning of November.  Just in time for Thanksgiving! 

Enjoy the photos, video coming soon.

Happy Gardening!!


More Eggplant

Bush Beans/Eggplant

Clean Up Time

Cleaned bed-more room for sweet potatoes

Eggplant gone, ready for Fall planting

Saved 2 Eggplants, room for fall planting

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