Saturday, June 7, 2014


Cucumbers and Peppers
It's been a while since my last post where I was having a critter problem.  The critter turned out to be a wood rat and we had to trap and kill it.  Luckily it did not reproduce under the deck and there are no signs of any other varmints in the yard.
Things have been going quite smoothly in the garden.  Everything is relatively healthy with minimal bug damage.  I am fertilizing on a regular basis using miracle grow and fish emulsion.  Spraying with neem oil and BT to keep any fungus and aphids under control.  Preventative maintenance is the key folks!
Cucumber Salad
The cucumbers are producing and I am harvesting almost every day.  There's nothing like a fresh cucumber salad out of your garden.  The cow horn peppers are big producers also and I've been harvesting at least once a week.  They have pretty good heat too them this year too.

Green beans are abundant!  After a slow start at blooming, I can't seem to pick them fast enough.  Carrots are also still producing.  I'm so glad I planted every few weeks so we'll have carrots all thru the summer.   Fall planting will begin in August.
Blue Lake and Roma Green Beans, Eggplant

Out of the 15 or more garlic bulbs planted, only 4 survived.  They are pretty small but will be good I'm sure.  I had better luck with the yellow onions and harvested a few with more still growing in the garden.

My in ground potato patch bit the dust.  I fear there is bacteria in the area where they were planted, or the cheap top soil I used to mound them was a carrier.  Either way, they all died off so suddenly, it had to be bacterial wilt.  I don't think I can use that area for any of the night shade varieties as they are susceptible. 
I hope you all are having much success with your Spring and Summer gardens!

Happy Gardening!

Yellow Onions


Raised Beds

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