Friday, May 9, 2014


CowHorn Pepper

 Well, Spring is definitely upon us.  The weather has been beautiful, warming up and the garden is loving it.   It won't be long before 90 degree days are here which makes spending time in the garden a challenge.   The heat, humidity and summer rainfall brings a variety pests to every garden.  It's a good idea to start  preventative maintenance now.  Spraying your plants with an organic insecticide soap, BT, Neem Oil and fertilizing regularly will help keep those summer pests at bay.  Live and learn and never give up is my motto.  So far this growing season, I have had minimal damage from insects.  A few caterpillars here and there, that's it.  Preventative Maintenance is the key!

I have a critter living under my deck.  At first, a rabbit was suspect but when my harvest of onions drying on the deck disappeared with only a trace of one peeking out of a burrow, I knew it was something else.  Rabbits don't eat onions!   I had previously noticed damage around the yard; tomato seedlings eaten, strawberry plant mowed down in one night, little things like that.  Thank goodness, whatever it is, has not made it into my beds that are surrounded with chicken wire.
So off I went to Ace Hardware and bought a live trap.  The associate also sold me a "Rat Trap" as after my description of the damage, he told me we probably had Wood Rats and said I'd better deal with it now before they start breeding.  Oh My Goodness!!! 
 I set the trap, baited and the next morning, bait was gone but no critter.  It must be too small to trip the trap....  next step was borrowing a wildlife camera from a friend.  I set the camera up, scattered bait but no pictures.

Otherwise, all is going well in the garden.  I harvested sugar snap peas, cow horn peppers and the rest of the romaine lettuce.   Tomatoes are starting to form as well as cucumbers and squash.  Still no sign of blooms on the pole beans.

Happy Gardening and Happy Mothers Day!

Pole Beans

Romaine Lettuce harvest

My kitty "little bit"

Live trap to catch critter



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